Automatic Car Sunshade Remote Control Umbrella

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1. Don’t drive your car when using car umbrella.
2. Please hoop up the anti-wind hook after install the car umbrella.
3. Please adjust the tightness of the four windproof ropes to avoid shake for the first time use.
4. No using when heavy rain or strong wind.
5. When windy days in urgent need of accommodating the hood, please keep all snaps untie the tarp,
then unlock the wind hook in case of being blown over.
6. In case of any malfunction, please press the reset switch to fold the car umbrella,if it’s not workable, please
connect car charger charging for 1 minute,then unplug the battery charger and fold the car umbrella ;if it’s still can
not work at all,untied the 8 windproof buttons and then remove B-type pin locked on the base of the plunger, pull
out the lock pin and fold the car umbrella manually.
7. On the condition that remote controller is missing, please press the reset switch to fold the umrbella, meanwhile
please contact with the customer service center to match another remote control

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Umbrella Auto car Automatic folding hood    

Your car is prevented bask in summer, let your car from the sun, for you to create a more comfortable environment, more environmentally friendly, more healthy. Products to obtain a number of patents, the world’s first, the products have been on the line! The main part of the product is fixed by the powerful suction cup and the roof, the rest parts by four fixing rope fixed on the mirror column and door handle or hub site and use it for the first time, please the rope length according to the models of different height, manual adjustment to the hood support open flat state.


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