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Automatic Retractable Electric Car Cover Car

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The cover size is L*W*H, the color of the cover is SILVER

3L+, 3XL, 3XL+, 3XXL for Medium, Full size sedans

YM, YL, YXL for Small, Medium, Full Size SUVs & Hatchbacks

Please choose the correct cover size which is same or a little bit larger than your loved car’s size.

Shell Material: ABS resin (High strength. Toughness good type thermoplastic polymer)

Car Cover Material: Double polyester taffeta encryption and double silver (100% UV protection)

Battery: 12V 3000mah Li-ion Polymer battery

Battery Life: 600 times of charge

What is in the package?

1* automatic car cover

1* battery

1* remote

1* charger

1* anti-theft rope

1* set of fixing belt

1* user manual

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Features of Automatic Car Cover

  • Automatic operation by remote control, 15 seconds fast and easy covering or retracting
  • Multiple car cover sizes for different car sizes, Sedans & Hatchbacks, SUVs
  • Fully breathable, anti-theft function, LED display for power status
  • Protection from scratches, sunlight, UV, acid rain, frost, ice and snow, tree sap, bird droppings, dust and grime
  • Working Temperature: -20 deg celcius to 60 deg celcius, 12V 3000mah Li-ion Polymer battery with 600 charging time


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